Getting published…

So you have an idea for a book. You fill sheets of paper with random notes about what it will be about. The dialogue. The characters. The story. Your thoughts start piling up in your head and you finally begin to write. You do what it takes to get your words down, so you type, type, type. Each word carefully picked and combined to make a sentence, a paragraph—used to describe a feeling, a scene, a dialogue and a character. Chapter by chapter, you lay out your story. You wake up early and stay up late. Before you know it, you actually finished your novel…or so you think. So you read it over and over and realize that you want to add something, or take something out and possibly even rewrite it. So you do. And then you find yourself doing this fifty more times. Days, weeks, months, even years later, you finally feel it’s done and you’re ready to get your book published. Your precious creation is ready to be released into the world for all to see.

But wait…there’s more. As if writing your novel wasn’t hard enough, now you realize you need a Literary Agent. So you spend a lot of time researching on how to get one and then you’re quickly introduced to the Query Letter. The special tool that gets you discovered. You read hundreds of samples of successful queries, trying to figure out how to perfect yours. You eventually get started and write one. You read it over and over and realize that you want to add something, or take something out and possibly even rewrite it. So you do. And then you find yourself doing this fifty more times. Hours, days, weeks, even months later, and you’re finally ready to send it out. You carefully edit your query letter one last time and mail it via snail mail or email, along with a prayer.

Nervous and anxious, you wait to get a reply, but understand it may take days, weeks, even months to get one. And it might not even be a yes. But you wait anyway, and check your mailbox or inbox twenty times a day. And then you finally receive a reply! You can’t believe it. You’re so excited. With your heart pounding, your hands sweating, you take a deep breath and read the letter…it happens to be a rejection. Aaaahhh! You feel like someone just punched you on the chest, stepped all over your dream and crushed it. You feel insulted and even embarrassed. You may curse, scream, cry or even want to give up. Or you can just snap out of it and simply accept the rejection for what it is, and admit that your chest was untouched, your dream is still alive and no one insulted you. The agent is not in charge of your destiny. You are. So you move on and mail out a few more query letters and know that sooner or later, the right agent will believe in your book, just as much as you do.

Sure, it will be the beginning of another long process because there will be more writing and editing to come. It may take days, weeks, or even months before it actually gets published, but it will happen.

We write because we love to. We do it because it’s our form of expression, our release, and our passion. We write for those who appreciate and understand us. And regardless of the many rejections we may or may not get, we will always be writers and no one can ever take that away from us.

Getting published may be a long process, but just like writing a book, it’s all worth it in the end.

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  1. I hear you….
    The process and the life of a writer/ artist is art in the making all the time.
    What keeps us going is the inner drive to create, express and roll with all
    the punches and challenges that goes with the territory of being a writer/artist.
    You will get there sooner than you expect just keep the fire of passion burning and focus on your goals.
    Can’ wait to read your first publish novel.
    For now I enjoy your blogs.

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