Day 99 – First Draft of My Second Novel…

And so 99 days ago, I gave myself 100 days to finish the first draft of my second novel and on July 5, I succeeded.

When I started this project, I had many doubts. My first novel took a very long time and I wasn’t even certain what story I would write next. I had ideas for my next book but couldn’t figure out which one to go with. Once I finally decided on which one to pursue, I started off strong and faded after just a few chapters. I couldn’t get past a certain point in the story and yet I knew how I wanted the rest of the story to happen. So for a while I was stuck. I took a long break because of a personal illness and when I was slightly better, I took a shot at writing again until I found my story and then I couldn’t stop. And though there were times I doubted myself, I kept on and never gave up. I knew this was my chance to challenge myself despite some bumps on the road.

I wrote my first draft in less than 100 days. I never thought I would say that. It feels good. I realize now that setting a goal and setting a deadline works well for me. It forced me to write and to focus and that was exactly what I needed to reach my goal.

So today, I move on to the next step—editing.

Happy Writing!

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