The Hook For Your Book

When someone asks you,“what’s your story about?”, they’re really asking you for the hook. Why is your story interesting and why should they bother reading it. The same goes for Literary Agents. They’re not just looking for a good story. They’re looking for a great story with a great hook. It’s important to know this because this is what helps them determine if your book will sell.

So what is a hook? A hook is like a logline, it’s what describes your book and what leaves Agents and readers wanting more. It’s what piques their interest and makes them want to read your book NOW.

Regardless if it’s fiction or non-fiction, think about how you would describe your book in a few lines while you’re in an elevator. You only have a minute or less to “hook” the reader and grab their attention. This is a great exercise especially if you plan on attending a Writers Conference. It’s guaranteed that the most popular question you’ll get is, “what’s your book about?” This is where your hook or elevator pitch comes in handy. You never know who you’ll meet, so make sure you come prepared.

Here’s a helpful link if you’d like to learn more about how to write a hook for your book:

Good luck!

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  1. Sometimes you have too wright what you feel it should be only then you’ll see what others spot that will make you change how your make it come to life. Thank you for the input on hooks and writing.

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