Everything you need to know about self-publishing an e-book

Okay, so since my last post, I haven’t been able to stop pondering about self-publishing e-books. I wandered around the Kindle Publishing Guide page on Amazon.com and read about the steps on how to self-publish and I must say, it made my head spin a little. There are quite a few steps to take, which is not surprising, just overwhelming at first glance.

If you’re wondering if I’m considering self-publishing, I am…I think. Well, sort of. It’s tempting.

If you’re someone who is definitely considering it but have no idea where to begin, I came across a great blog site that lists everything you need to know about self-publishing your e-book(s). I found it to be very informative. Check it out.


And if you’re someone who has already self-published your e-book(s) and have had some positive results, and feel like sharing your story, please do so. I would love to hear from you.

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  1. I was doing a little research on this today too but didn’t find a site as good as Rachael’s. Thanks for posting her link!

    1. This is why blogging is cool. We get to share ideas and useful information. 🙂

      Let me know if you find any other helpful sites later.

      Thanks for your comment!

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