Favorite Writing Tip

Today’s post will be a little different. Instead of me posting a Writing Tip of the Day, I thought I’d try something new and ask you: “What’s your favorite writing tip/advice?

I’ll start. My favorite writing tip is from Ernest Hemingway:
Use short sentences.

Plain and simple. So, what’s yours?

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  1. Mine is not quite advice, but something to keep in mind while writing and editing: “Readers read words, not minds.”

    Also: “Making the word-count does make the words count.”

    1. Oh I love yours, especially “Readers read words, not minds.” It is so true, that’s why we have to always remember to show, not tell.


    1. Lol. Great minds think alike. I just said the same thing when I replied to the first comment from CanaryTheFirst.

      But it’s so true, we NEED to show, NOT tell.

      Thanks Sara!

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