Writing Tip #5: Writing More Descriptively

A lot goes into writing a novel, like the plot, the dialogue, a strong beginning, a satisfying ending and the little things in between.

The little things in between are the descriptive words. They describe the setting, the character, the emotion of the characters and more. They are what decorates your story, making it even more interesting. They help the reader see and feel the places and things that exist in your story. Readers want to be transported when they read a book. It is our job as writers to make that happen, to paint them a picture, to invite them in and make them stay for the whole ride. 

Writing descriptive words can be challenging sometimes, and we could all use some pointers on how to write them effectively. If you’re one of those people who need help in this department, or even if you don’t, I’d like to share a book with you that I recently purchased and can’t wait to recommend. I’ve only started reading it but I have already picked up quite a few tips. The book also has exercises that are very helpful.

The book is called Word Painting: A Guide to Writing More Descriptively, by Rebecca Mcclanahan and is available on Amazon.com.

Go get it!

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