ABC Award!

I’ve been busy with personal things lately, that I had to put my writing and blogging on hold for a couple of weeks. When I finally returned to blogging, I felt so behind. I couldn’t wait to check my emails and start writing new posts. While catching up on things, I realized that the sweet and thoughtful Shannon of isleofbooks, nominated me for the ABC Award! Thank you for thinking of me. I am flattered. It was a wonderful welcome back after being away for days from the blogging world.

This award asks that the recipient name 26 alphabetical things about themselves and then pass it on.

It was a fun and challenging exercise to think of 26 things alphabetically to describe myself. I hope I did okay.

A – Ambitious
B – Bright
C – Creative
D – Determined
E – Energetic
F – Funny
G – Generous
H – Humble
I – Inspired
J – Jolly
K – Kind
L – Loyal
M – Motivated
N – Nice
O – Optimistic
P – Petite
Q – Quirky
R – Resilient
S – Sincere
T – Thankful
U – Unique
V – Veracious
W – Witty
X – (Need help on this one)
Y – Youthful
Z – Zest

Here are my nominations:

Thanks again Shannon! You made me smile. 🙂

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