Thank You…

Indiegogo made me “indiegaga”. What an experience that was. I’m so glad it’s over. Well, technically, there are 4 hours left before Poetry for Paris expires, but I’ve stopped counting.

For you guys who aren’t familiar with Indiegogo or Kickstarter, they’re websites that help artists raise funds to fulfill their goals/dreams. Friends have been telling me about it for years, so I thought I’d try it. Let’s just say, I’m not sure I’ll do it again.

And here’s why. For starters, asking for money from anyone is an awkward thing. Of course, this is a little different. It’s asking for pledges for the sake of art. I mean, I saw successful projects on Indiegogo and Kickstarter that blew my mind. Some people were raising thousands of dollars to go on trips to get inspired or to study their art. So, I figured, maybe asking for pledges to help make something creative happen wasn’t too bad, right? Eh, I still felt awkward about it (maybe it’s just me). To the point where, I wanted to make sure I was offering something back to those who pledged. I went from offering to write poems, to offering my Graphic Design services which I haven’t really used in a couple of years, just so I wouldn’t feel bad about “taking” their pledge. In the end, I reached my goal. Thanks to family and friends I’ve met through the blog world. You know who you are…thank you again.

And so my dear fellow writers and bloggers, I guess the lesson here is, sometimes we do have to go a little “indiegaga” to chase our dreams.

Thank you for putting up with me the last few weeks. It’ll be back to business after this.

Good night.

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