Novel Update: Beta Readers and Their Feedback

After I sent my manuscript to my beta readers, I didn’t look at my story for about a month. It felt good to take a break from editing. It gave me time to work on other things that are still related to my book, like my book cover and editing my synopsis. I gave my beta readers 3 weeks to read and critique my work and within the 3 weeks, I slowly started getting feedback. Each critique was formatted differently and each one varied in length. The longer one took to get back to me, the longer their feedback seemed to be. I’m sure it was a coincidence.

The most gratifying feedback I got was they all liked my plot and characters. To me, this is the most important thing.

After going through all the comments/feedback from each beta reader, I noticed that there were only a few comments that were similar—about 4 to be exact. The rest were different from each other. My challenge now is studying each comment and figuring out which edits to make. Whatever change I end up doing has to work with my story and has to help strengthen my novel.

So far, I’ve looked at each critique and highlighted the changes I feel will help my story. I am currently applying the changes by going through each critique one at a time. For instance, today I’ll do beta reader A’s changes and tomorrow I’ll do beta reader B’s and so on. After applying all the necessary edits, I will be reading my manuscript a few more times until I feel it’s ready for my editor.

I am so thankful to my beta readers for giving me such honest and helpful feedback. This process has definitely helped me learn and grow as a writer.

Would I do it again? Absolutely.

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  1. Writing is a process, it is the metaphor of life. You write to hear your voice through your words, tone, choices and stumbling blocks. Those who fell more and rose
    each time within the writing process become the masters.
    They were scathed but not scared to learn…and learn and keep on creating.
    You are in the right path 🙂

  2. The more betas you can have read, the better. Then you must listen to your creative voice to decide which comments need attention and which just might be a matter of opinion. I’ve also made friends with a few of my avid fans and I’ve asked them to beta to make sure I’m on track. I really don’t want to disappoint my biggest fans 🙂

    1. I think having a few fans beta read is a great idea. I’m sure they love that they get to read your stories ahead of time and be part of the editing process. 🙂

  3. Great post! I have recently join a beta group. I haven’t seen any feedback yet, but I have read others works and have given feedback to them. By reading their stories I find it helps me grow as a writer. When something reads well and interesting I take another look to see what it was that grabbed my interest.

  4. Keep in mind, the work is yours, don’t change something you feel good about, even if a BR marked it for an edit. I do tend to change the spots when all the critiquers found the same thing. Glad this is working for you. Good luck as you move forward.

    1. I agree. If most of the beta readers make the same suggestion, I pretty much go with it. But for the rest of the edits, I have to be careful. In the end, it is still my story.

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