Novel and Children’s Book Update

So far, the late nights have paid off.

I’m finally done editing my book. Yay! Next step is to format it, and then send it out to print.

I’m also done with my children’s book. I sent my files to CreateSpace yesterday and am now waiting to proof them sometime today.

Here is the cover of my children’s book. It’s a goodnight book designed to prepare babies, toddlers and young children for bed, at the same time, teach and remind them of their first words.


Goodnight World is the first book from Sammy’s Books. I created Sammy’s Books because I wanted to design a collection of beginner books for little kids. With the use of simple and straightforward designs, I hope to help little kids focus and learn, and still fun.

My daughter’s name is Samantha. That’s where Sammy comes from. That’s her on the logo. I am still working on the website.

It’s pouring here in San Francisco—perfect weather to stay inside and write. How’s the weather where you are?

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