Introducing: Goodnight World

A month ago, in the midst of getting ready to send my novel out to my editor, I decided to pursue a goal I’ve had for a while—creating my own children’s books. After many long nights, I finally did it.

Introducing my first children’s book from Samantha’s Books, Goodnight World. It is now available for purchase in eBook format. The printed format will follow shortly.


Goodnight World is a bedtime book that also teaches little children their first words.

I am extremely excited to read it to my little inspiration, my three-year-old daughter, Samantha. I hope she loves it.

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        1. Hi Lori,
          I haven’t sent my novel to reviewers but that’s next on my list. First, I have to find them. I know there are a bunch of them on WordPress. I’ll keep you posted.

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