My KDP Select Experiment

Whew! My HIGH Blog Tour is over. So was it worth it? Well, all I can say is I’m glad I did it. I’ll write another post about the experience another time. For now, I’d like to write about my experience with KDP Select.

I’m sure that most of you are familiar with KDP Select. If you’re not, it’s basically a program for writers that Amazon launched not too long ago. It gives writers the opportunity to list their eBook for FREE for five days within a 90-day period—but they have to agree to sell their enrolled book(s) exclusively only through Amazon.  Some people don’t like this exclusivity, others don’t mind it. After researching online and reading success stories from other authors who have used KDP Select, I decided to do my own experiment and enrolled HIGH in the program in January of this year.

The Advantages of KDP Select 

I’m a new author. Aside from my blog followers, my family and close friends, no one else knew about my novel, HIGH. Other authors have said that giving away their books for free for one day, two days or even five days, have helped increase their sales later.

I wanted more sales. Most of all, I wanted more readers. So as much as it made my family cringe knowing I was about to give away my book for FREE—I went ahead and did it, and hoped for good—if not great results.

My First Try

A lot of the articles I read suggested that a two-day promo was better than one. But for some reason, I couldn’t do it. I was too nervous about the FREE promotion that I decided to try it for one day.

I picked February 20th, a Wednesday. I set my alarm for 7:30 a.m., and by 8 a.m., I checked to see how many units were “sold”. I was hoping for maybe ten or twenty. My eyes grew big when I saw: 192. When I checked, I was completely surprised to see this:
1_Screen shot 2013-03-03 at 4.54.56 PM
I checked my status obsessively throughout the day, and I must say the experience was exhilarating.

By 10:30 p.m. I “sold” 740 units! This was my ranking at the end of the day:
2_Screen shot 2013-03-03 at 4.55.33 PM

For a first try, I thought this wasn’t bad at all.

The next day, I waited to see if my sales would improve. It didn’t.

My Second Try

I decided to do the FREE promo again for HIGH, this time on February 23, which was a Saturday.

By 2:30 p.m., this was my ranking:
3_Screen shot 2013-03-03 at 5.04.18 PM

At the end of the day, I was pleased to see a total of 1644 units “sold”. When I checked Amazon, I was thrilled to see this:
2:23:13 11 pm

The Results:
After my second experiment with KDP Select, I began receiving more reviews on I also noticed that my sales improved—not by a whole lot, but it was definitely better than before.

So would I do it again? Sure. The most important thing for me right now is to gain new readers. KDP Select has helped me do that. HIGH is now in the hands of  2,384 new readers. I think that’s pretty fantastic.

There are other perks to enrolling in KDP Select. Click here to learn more.

Have you tried KDP Select? How was your experience? Would you recommend it to other new authors? 

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  1. The only real downside to KDP select is the exclusivity, but to be honest, since I let it expire and launched on B&N, I haven’t made one single Nook sale. So, as long as I’m doing all my sales on Amazon, why not let them have it exclusively?

  2. Wow! Congrats on all the sales! My first novel, Far From Home,, has been up on Amazon for a little more than a month and I’ve toyed with the idea of KDP select, but have not signed up. Now I’ll definitely give it a try. Thanks!

    1. Thanks, Joe. I think KDP Select is worth a try. Although you’re giving away your book for free, you’re also gaining new readers who may potentially become fans of your work, and will hopefully tell their friends and family about your book(s).

      Best of luck to you.

  3. They are great numbers, Corey. Like you say, it is putting your book into the hands of readers. Hopefully, they write reviews which helps other people decide to buy your book.

    I’ve read many, many posts where people toil with whether to use KDP, but then go on to say that 99% of their sales are via amazon anyway. Sounds the sensible way to go.

    Thanks again for including me in your blog tour 🙂

  4. Good for you, Corey. I’ve heard of people using for promotional deals too. This is good information, thank you for sharing it.

    1. Thanks, Lori. I actually currently have a book give away on goodreads which will end in a week. I’m eager to see the results. So far, a good number of people have entered to win a free copy of HIGH, which I’m thrilled about. I’ll post about the results soon. 🙂

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