Travel and Inspiration

I recently went on a short trip to London with my husband and my daughter. It was a pleasant experience except for the sleepless nights we had, due to my four-year-old daughter singing and talking to us in the middle of the night because she was jet lagged. As tired as I was, I couldn’t complain. It was actually entertaining. A new idea for a book even popped in my head during one of those nights. It was for a children’s chapter book.

As we explored the city and saw the sights, I continued to get more ideas and inspiration, which definitely made the trip even more memorable.

Visiting Westminster Abbey was an amazing experience, especially seeing the Poet’s Corner.

I haven’t been able to do much work since we got back. My daughter is home for the summer so we’ve been quite busy. I’m still able to squeeze in some writing and editing here and there—not a lot, but definitely better than nothing at all.

How is your summer going?

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  1. OOh London! Sounds very inspiring indeed, especially seeing the Abbey and poet`s corner. My summer has been full of travel and adventures, so the inspiration to write has been running high. 😉

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