Hearts and Errors (A Novel) Goodreads Giveaway!

Happy weekend, everyone!
I’m giving away 100 Kindle ebook copies of my latest novel, HEARTS AND ERRORS on Goodreads. CLICK on the link below to join now!

And for a limited time only, HEARTS AND ERRORS is on SALE NOW in both paperback and eBook. Click on this link to get your eBook copy of HEARTS AND ERRORS today for ONLY $1.99 (available on Kindle, NOOK, and KOBO). The paperback copy is on SALE NOW for $8.99 on Amazon! Sale ends soon!

”I remember having this sudden urge to get lost somewhere, discover something new, or dream something big.”
–Lana Levine (HEARTS AND ERRORS by Corey M.P.)

Happy reading! 🙂
–Corey M.P.

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