Upcoming Novel: HEARTS AND ERRORS, Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Blast from the Past

I sit up.

What do I do? Do I hang up? Why is he calling? Why is he calling me now? Why is he calling me at all?

“Y-yes?” I reply, doing my best to sound calm while holding my breath. My hands are shaking. I grip the phone harder trying not to drop it.

“It’s Roy,” he says.
Yes, I know who it is.

Upcoming novel releasing 1/19/19


Upcoming novel: HEARTS AND ERRORS, Chapter 4

CHAPTER 4: All Unpacked

After hours of carefully distributing my clothes all over my bedroom floor, I manage to pack absolutely nothing. 

My pants are neatly folded on one side of the bed, my shoes are lined up on the floor, my toiletries organized, but my mind in complete disarray. Yes, I want to find love. But will going to Paris be the right decision? 

Am I kidding myself about finding love in a café I’ve never been to because of an article I read in a doctor’s office?


More excerpts to come from my upcoming novel HEARTS AND ERRORS! Stay tuned!

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Upcoming Novel: HEARTS AND ERRORS, Chapter 3

CHAPTER 3: A Matchmaker in Paris

“Hello?” she answers.
“Did I wake you?”
“I knew you’d call. I’m in the kitchen eating leftover pizza. Have you ever had cold pizza? It’s not bad,” she says.

“I’m going to Paris,” I blurt.


More excerpts to come from my upcoming novel HEARTS AND ERRORS! Stay tuned!

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Upcoming Novel: HEARTS AND ERRORS, Chapter 2

CHAPTER  2: The Article

“Make a wish,” I mumble to myself, lifting it up and fanning the pages.

A loose leaf falls on my shoes.

I pick it up and notice the creases across the page. I iron it out with my hand, pressing it against my leg. As I do, I find myself drawn to a pull quote that says: I remember having this sudden urge to get lost somewhere, discover something new, or dream something big.  

I hold it closer, my eyes gawking at the words.
The title says:
Merci, Paris


More excerpts to come from my upcoming novel HEARTS AND ERRORS! Stay tuned!

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Upcoming Novel: HEARTS AND ERRORS, Chapter 1

CHAPTER  1: Cursed


A blue Sharpie and an “I’m sorry” card.

It will be three years in twelve days since it happened, and I still get knots in my stomach whenever the date approaches.


As promised, here is the very first excerpt from my upcoming novel HEARTS AND ERRORS! More to come! Stay tuned.

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Don’t Wait to Get Picked, Pick Yourself

It’s been two years since I last blogged. But I haven’t stopped writing.

For the last few years, I have worked on my craft—grinding it out, finishing one new novel after another, editing each manuscript—toiling over every sentence until I was satisfied. Then I would send out queries and wait for literary agents to get back to me—hoping for one of them to believe in my stories as much as I, and my beta readers, believe in them. With every few rejections I would receive, there would be a spark of hope—agents asking for a partial or a full manuscript. And while I held my breath, I would fulfill each request with my fingers crossed. Soon, the replies would filter in, some automated and generic, some even complimenting my writing and my stories—yet all would end with different variations of saying no.

Despite all the hard work I had put into each manuscript, I was back to square one.

Feeling defeated once more, I would take a deep breath and accept the fact—as discouraging as it was, that this was all part of the process of finding an agent. At least based on my research, other people’s experiences, and the information I had gained from writing workshops and conferences. It wouldn’t take long until I would start working on a new story, while emotionally and mentally preparing myself for the next round of writing, editing, and querying.

A few weeks ago, while scanning thumbnails on YouTube, I noticed an interview from Behind the Brand with Brian Elliott called, Seth Godin: Don’t wait to get picked, pick yourself.

I was intrigued. So, I clicked on it. Minutes later, everything made sense.

Don’t wait to get picked, pick yourself. A line that lingered in my head for the rest of the day.

It was clear. By me following the same paradigm year after year, I was no longer pursuing my own goals. I was simply following someone else’s path—hoping and expecting for the same results.

Without me noticing—this way of thinking and pursuing had caused me to forget the one thing I had set out to do: Write my stories and share them with you.

While I stayed cooped up inside my writing box—with one click, people all over the world were sharing their craft, product, or idea through social media and other platforms—finding their audience, building their careers, joining communities, changing their lives and others, and never looking back. People who believe and trust in their dream or idea—enough to let it drive them forward, regardless if they would fail or not.

Seth Godin is right. Don’t wait to get picked, pick yourself.

Follow your own path. Because just as we are all unique, each of our dreams are, too. There is no wrong or right way to achieve your dream. If one path does not work, do not give up.

Instead, move on and create your own opportunities.

I would love to get a literary agent. But it might not be in the cards right now. It’s time I fold this hand so I could get dealt a new one.

In 2012, I self-published my first novel, HIGH (A Caffeinated Love Story). To my loyal readers who have asked me through the years when my next novel is coming out—thank you for patiently waiting. I finally have an answer for you.

HEARTS AND ERRORS will release on January 19, 2019!

Beginning this week, excerpts from my upcoming novel and updates will be posted here and on my other social media accounts.

After all, this is all I ever wanted to do. To write my stories and share them with you.



THE GIRL is Now Available!

TheGirl_iPadIt’s here! My short story, THE GIRL, is now available on Amazon for 99 cents!

If you’re looking for a quick read this weekend, check out THE GIRL!

“I sip my coffee as the old lady sings her French ballad and lines up the croissants in a basket, and the old man whistles while he works. For a while, I sit here, as they talk to me and ask me questions about my day and about the things that I would be doing. I tell them stuff. I’ll be doing stuff. And a lot of it. Then on my way out, they say, “See you tomorrow, Chad!” And I simply smile and wave, but I know I won’t see them tomorrow. I leave them without ever mentioning my plans. I don’t know why, but I couldn’t get myself to tell them. Maybe because I knew it would make them sad. Or maybe because I knew it would make me sad, and I didn’t want to be sad about leaving.”
–Chad Miller, THE GIRL

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Corey M.P.

Book Cover Reveal for THE GIRL!

“Short stories are tiny windows into other worlds and other minds and other dreams. They are journeys you can make to the far side of the universe and still be back in time for dinner.”
—Neil Gaiman

Here it is! The book cover reveal for my short story, THE GIRL!



Today is Chad’s last day in Montreal. In just a few hours, he will be flying to Los Angeles, where his ex-girlfriend, Lara, is waiting for him.

But sometimes plans can change. Even when you have a one-way ticket in your hand.

THE GIRL is a short story that explores Chad Miller’s life, and everything that happens right before he meets Sonja Fines. Where THE GIRL ends, HIGH begins.

THE GIRL will be AVAILABLE TOMORROW, August 26, 2016, in eBook format on Amazon.com for 99 cents! I hope you check it out!

Share THE GIRL on social media and use #thegirlbycoreymp!

Corey M.P.
Instagram @coreympwrites

A Short Story

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 11.09.32 AMHello, friends and blog followers!

A few years ago, I wrote a novel called, HIGH (A Caffeinated Love Story). A story about Sonja Fines, a sleep-deprived workaholic from Manhattan, whose life changes after she ditches work on a whim and ends up in a coffee shop in Montreal.

Recently, after flipping through HIGH and hearing from some of my readers through social media and in person, I got inspired to write another story. One that relates to HIGH, but could also stand alone.

What I came up with is a short story called, THE GIRL. It explores Chad Miller’s life, right before he meets Sonja Fines.

And exactly where THE GIRL ends, HIGH begins.

I will be running a 99 cent promo for the eBook version of HIGH on the same week I release the eBook for THE GIRL, which will also be 99 cents.

Stay tuned for the book cover reveal and for the release and promotion dates.

In the meantime, stay in touch and follow me on Instagram @coreympwrites!

Corey M.P.

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Hello, everyone!
Happy Thanksgiving! There is so much to be grateful for this year.

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