Why it is right to write

I just finished attending the 3-day San Francisco Writers Conference. It was amazing. Everything was very organized and the sessions I attended were well presented and definitely worth going to. It felt great being surrounded by people who do what I do and dream what I dream. I met a bunch of fiction and non-fiction writers. Some published and some unpublished. Everyone seemed really friendly and eager to tell their story.

I had the pleasure of meeting a few literary agents and editors who I learned a lot from. This experience made me realize why I love what I do and why I was meant to write.

Here’s to writing more books.



I can’t believe it. The Writers Conference is tomorrow! I’ve spent the last few weeks, reading, editing and writing. I wonder if I’ll sleep tonight. I’m just too excited. Time to go through my checklist.

It may be raining right now, but the sun will come out tomorrow.


Hi. I’m Corey M. P. Welcome to my website. I write upbeat women’s fiction. I just finished my first novel, which I’m so thrilled about. I’m getting ready to attend my first Writers Conference in a few weeks and I’m extremely excited about it. Looking forward to learning a bunch of new things and meeting some awesome people.