New Book Cover for HEARTS AND ERRORS!

Hi, guys!

HEARTS AND ERRORS has a new cover—just in time for the summer.

If you’re looking for a quick summer read, grab a copy of my novel, HEARTS AND ERRORS!

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When her once popular column called “Single and Loving It” fails faster than she can meet her next deadline, New York columnist Lana Levine fears the end of her career. It doesn’t help that Valentine’s Day is fast approaching—a harsh reminder of when Roy left her without an explanation and how three years later, she still hasn’t moved on. When stress sends her to the doctor’s office, she discovers a magazine article about an old man who matches strangers in a small café in Paris.

Lana thinks this is a sign. 

Desperate for change, she flees to The City of Light—leaving her job in jeopardy. Armed with nothing but hope and a broken heart, she begins her quest to find the mysterious café. But a careless mistake causes her to miss her one chance to meet the matchmaker. Lost and distraught on the cobblestone streets and narrow alleys, Lana meets Jean-Luc—a handsome poet with an old soul who hides a painful past. After spending the next few days exploring Paris and quickly falling for each other, a devastating event pulls them apart. But what separates them might just be the one thing that binds them back together and changes their lives forever. 

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Indie Author Day at the Dublin Public Library

It was such an honor joining all the authors at the Indie Author Day at the Dublin Public Library this past Saturday. Thank you to everyone who showed up and supported the event. We really appreciate it.

The Author Showcase portion ran smoothly, thanks to Diane DeLara who organized it. Each of us had 5 minutes to read from our books and share a little bit about ourselves. I enjoyed listening to each reading and learning about the authors and their stories. I loved how diverse the books were. There was definitely something for everyone.

I wish we had more time to get to know each other, because I didn’t get a chance to speak to all the authors. Time flew so fast, that by the time I tried to gather everyone to take a group picture, some of the authors had already left. But no worries, I’ll attach the list of authors from the program, so you could see everyone.

Please check out our books—read them, share them, and let us know what you think by leaving us reviews or sharing pictures of our books or your favorite excerpts on social media. We love hearing from our readers. 🙂

We hope to see you all at future author events!

Bay Area Book Festival

I’m still buzzing from attending the Bay Area Book Festival in Berkeley a couple of weekends ago. It was my first time exhibiting my books at the event. It was delightful meeting and being in the company of other authors and illustrators and seeing their beautiful creations on display at their tables. 

But the biggest highlight for me was meeting new readers from different age groups—supporting my children’s books and novels. As a writer and illustrator, nothing swells my heart more than when I get to see toddlers pointing at my children’s books, saying “Daddy, I want that book!” or “Mommy, look!” or the adults, glancing at one of my novel book covers, then stopping at my table to pick it up and take a closer look—some of them even saying, “Oh my God! This is my story!” or “This is so me!” 

As writers, we spend a lot of time writing our stories alone—in dim rooms, dark attics, or quiet libraries, bustling coffee shops, or in trains and buses—or wherever we can and choose to write. Witnessing readers flipping through the pages of our books or reading the back synopsis and watching their faces light up, because they feel a connection to our words and our stories, is one of the biggest rewards. Because after all the endless hours that we’ve spent writing and editing these manuscripts or illustrating and writing children’s books—somehow, it means we have done something right. 

I sold out on a few of my books at the event, which was amazing. I left the two-day event grateful for the experience and completely motivated and inspired to dive into new projects. After all, this is what I’ve always wanted to do: Create art and share it. 

If you were at the Bay Area Book Festival, I hope we somehow crossed paths. If not, you can check out my books on this website or visit Amazon. See you at the next book event! 

Noe Valley Authors Festival

I had a lovely time exhibiting my books at the Noe Valley Authors Festival last Saturday, March 9. Thank you to everyone who came out. We really appreciate all of your support! Thank you to my husband and my sister for helping me out during the event. Most of all, thank you to Rick May for organizing the festival and for giving us local authors a place to showcase our books. 

All of my titles are available on Amazon and Folio Books. 

Noe Valley Authors Festival 2019

Come and get my latest novel at the Noe Valley Authors Festival!

Hello, friends! I’m excited to announce that I will be at the Noe Valley Authors Festival, along with twenty other local authors this Saturday, March 9. Come by with your friends and family and meet different authors, discover new books and genres, and mingle with other readers! Free admission and free refreshments.

I will be exhibiting my latest novel, HEARTS AND ERRORS, as well as HIGH (A Caffeinated Love Story), and a few of my children’s books! ALL of my books will be sold at a discounted rate and signed by me! I will also have some giveaways. So, stop by and say hi!

Here’s the info:
Noe Valley Authors Festival 2019
When: March 9, 2019 , 3pm-5pm
Where: Umpqua Bank
3938 24th St. San Francisco, 94114

Here are a couple of helpful links about the event:

Hearts and Errors (A Novel) Goodreads Giveaway!

Happy weekend, everyone!
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”I remember having this sudden urge to get lost somewhere, discover something new, or dream something big.”
–Lana Levine (HEARTS AND ERRORS by Corey M.P.)

Happy reading! 🙂
–Corey M.P.

Upcoming Novel: HEARTS AND ERRORS, Chapter 7


Chapter 7: Roy

“I’m not with anyone right now,” I say, unable to lie. 

“That makes the two of us,” he says. 

We glance at each other, quiet for a while.

“Why does it feel like the past just happened a few hours ago and not years ago?”

“Maybe because this isn’t over. We’re not over,” he says.

“Trust me. We are.”


Releasing 1/19/19

Upcoming Novel: HEARTS AND ERRORS, Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Blast from the Past

I sit up.

What do I do? Do I hang up? Why is he calling? Why is he calling me now? Why is he calling me at all?

“Y-yes?” I reply, doing my best to sound calm while holding my breath. My hands are shaking. I grip the phone harder trying not to drop it.

“It’s Roy,” he says.
Yes, I know who it is.

Upcoming novel releasing 1/19/19