When her once popular column called “Single and Loving It” fails faster than she can meet her next deadline, New York columnist Lana Levine fears the end of her career. It doesn’t help that Valentine’s Day is fast approaching—a harsh reminder of when Roy left her without an explanation and how three years later, she still hasn’t moved on. When stress sends her to the doctor’s office, she discovers a magazine article about an old man who matches strangers in a small café in Paris.

Lana thinks this is a sign.

Desperate for change, she flees to The City of Light—leaving her job in jeopardy. Armed with nothing but hope and a broken heart, she begins her quest to find the mysterious café. But a careless mistake causes her to miss her one chance to meet the matchmaker. Lost and distraught on the cobblestone streets and narrow alleys, Lana meets Jean-Luc—a handsome poet with an old soul who hides a painful past. After spending the next few days exploring Paris and quickly falling for each other, a devastating event pulls them apart. But what separates them might just be the one thing that binds them back together and changes their lives forever.

What readers are saying on Goodreads:

“…the most powerful aspect of the novel is its ability to evoke gripping emotions as the author took me from one revelation to another. I had goosebumps as the story reached its conclusion! And most profoundly, it made me remember the power of love…how the universe conspires to help us find it! I was moved beyond words!” –Marilou

“Hearts and Errors took me on a hopeful journey of finding love in Paris. The story was written so descriptively I felt like I was Lana and wanted her to find real love. Nothing like a great book that feels like reality. I would read this book again! Highly recommend to suckers for love!” –Maddy

“…The author crafted succinctly the ongoing human dilemma for self-knowledge, growth, and purpose. Lana’s journey towards her truth was supported by friendship and messages she got from the strangers along her path. Lana’s challenges were relatable and universal in its nuances…But her truth was personal, profound and dynamic…I could not put the book down. These quotes are reflective gems: ‘Maybe sometimes the best things in life are the things we don’t understand. Maybe they don’t make sense because they don’t have to.’ ‘Sometimes failed plans are disguised as missed opportunities but they are meant to take us somewhere magical.’” –Elle

“From page 1, I was hooked…Every chapter was exciting and full of surprises…I found myself living vicariously through Lana and related to her in so ways…Hearts and Errors beautifully captured the many stages of life and the different types of love and relationships…And wow, Lana and Jean-Luc. What a dream. What a love story. What a destination. Paris is definitely the perfect back-drop. If you want to be swept away, this is the novel for you. Hearts and Errors is a quick, but very satisfying read. A beautiful love story that clings to you long after you’ve turned the last page. I highly recommend it.” –M.B.


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Sonja Fines is about to embark on an unexpected journey. It involves her passport,
a lot of coffee, and her heart.

What readers are saying:
“Couldn’t put this book down!” —Amazon Review

“Absolutely riveting…the author of this book had me on the edge of my seat. Loved it.” —Amazon Review

“…very engaging and a story any hopeless romantic will enjoy. Five stars.” —Amazon Review




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Today is Chad’s last day in Montreal. In just a few hours, he will be flying to Los Angeles,
where his ex-girlfriend, Lara, is waiting for him.

But sometimes plans can change. Even when you have a one-way ticket in your hand.

From the author of the heartwarming novel, HIGH (A Caffeinated Love Story) comes THE GIRL.
A short story that explores Chad Miller’s life, and everything that happens right before
he meets Sonja Fines.


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