National Book Week

It’s National Book Week and I only remembered because I went on Facebook (my commercial break from writing) and my “friends” have posted random sentences from random books. The rule is to grab the closest book to you and turn to page 56 and use the 5th sentence as your FB status, without mentioning what book it came from.

So I flipped through the book closest to me and turned to page 56, checked out the 5th sentence and thought it was too vague, so I grabbed another book and then another and another. Whew. Okay, I didn’t really follow the rules of using the closest book to me, but I felt better using the sentence from the one I finally chose. So I thought I’d post it here too.

This was what I picked:

“‎He said he’ll come back,” adds Lisa, vanishing toward the stairwell.

There’s actually something pretty amazing about reading random sentences from random books and not knowing where they came from.

From one sentence alone, a new world opens up. It intrigues us and leaves us wanting to read more. From one sentence alone, an emotion is revealed. A writer is introduced. And words made it all possible.

This is why books are so amazing and this is why I write.

What’s your sentence?