Who is Your Editor?

I am currently editing my manuscript (for the 100th time), but would also like to have a professional editor look at it. I was wondering if anyone has an editor or an editing service they love and would like to recommend. And if you don’t mind me asking (this part is optional), can you give me a ballpark figure of how much they charge? Please share some positive experiences you’ve had with them too.

Thanks, and have a great weekend!

Formatting Your Manuscript

Sometimes writing a great story is still not enough. If you want your story to be read and considered, you have to make sure you format it correctly. Follow the right guidelines and make it as professional as possible. No colored papers or fancy fonts. Remember, Agents and Editors and are after your story, not your pretty stationery or pretty text.

When it comes to formatting your manuscript, a lot of questions can come to mind.

I came across an article on formatting on Writer’s Digest that I found very helpful. I hope it helps answer your questions.


Also, you can check out the book, Formatting and Submitting Your Manuscript.