It’s Been Six Months Since…

…I published my first novel, HIGH.

Whenever I flip through the pages of HIGH, I still can’t believe I wrote those words. I was the one who spent hours, days, weeks, months—even years toiling over each word and each paragraph. I created that plot and made up those characters using my imagination. I wrote that story. For a good while, that story was my little secret. A secret I was afraid to share with anyone. Now it’s out there for the world to see.

I feel that no matter how many books I write and publish from now on, HIGH will always be the most important one. This book and I went through a lot of ups and downs together. In the process of writing and editing it—life happened. I got engaged, got married, got pregnant, gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, became a parent, became a stay-at-home-mom, was diagnosed with a rare nerve disorder, had brain surgery—and through it all, I never gave up. Whenever I could, I kept writing. I wanted to finish my book. I wanted to achieve my goal despite the challenges that came my way. And I did it. It wasn’t easy. But I did it.

HIGH will always remind me of what I’ve been through and how strong I’ve become. It will always remind me of how hard I worked to chase a dream—no matter what. Regardless of how successful or unsuccessful HIGH may turn out to be—I will always be proud of it.

HIGH is available in paperback and eBook format on

Day 99 – First Draft of My Second Novel…

And so 99 days ago, I gave myself 100 days to finish the first draft of my second novel and on July 5, I succeeded.

When I started this project, I had many doubts. My first novel took a very long time and I wasn’t even certain what story I would write next. I had ideas for my next book but couldn’t figure out which one to go with. Once I finally decided on which one to pursue, I started off strong and faded after just a few chapters. I couldn’t get past a certain point in the story and yet I knew how I wanted the rest of the story to happen. So for a while I was stuck. I took a long break because of a personal illness and when I was slightly better, I took a shot at writing again until I found my story and then I couldn’t stop. And though there were times I doubted myself, I kept on and never gave up. I knew this was my chance to challenge myself despite some bumps on the road.

I wrote my first draft in less than 100 days. I never thought I would say that. It feels good. I realize now that setting a goal and setting a deadline works well for me. It forced me to write and to focus and that was exactly what I needed to reach my goal.

So today, I move on to the next step—editing.

Happy Writing!