Upcoming Novel: HEARTS AND ERRORS, Chapter 7


Chapter 7: Roy

“I’m not with anyone right now,” I say, unable to lie. 

“That makes the two of us,” he says. 

We glance at each other, quiet for a while.

“Why does it feel like the past just happened a few hours ago and not years ago?”

“Maybe because this isn’t over. We’re not over,” he says.

“Trust me. We are.”


Releasing 1/19/19

Upcoming Novel: HEARTS AND ERRORS, Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Blast from the Past

I sit up.

What do I do? Do I hang up? Why is he calling? Why is he calling me now? Why is he calling me at all?

“Y-yes?” I reply, doing my best to sound calm while holding my breath. My hands are shaking. I grip the phone harder trying not to drop it.

“It’s Roy,” he says.
Yes, I know who it is.

Upcoming novel releasing 1/19/19


Upcoming novel: HEARTS AND ERRORS, Chapter 4

CHAPTER 4: All Unpacked

After hours of carefully distributing my clothes all over my bedroom floor, I manage to pack absolutely nothing. 

My pants are neatly folded on one side of the bed, my shoes are lined up on the floor, my toiletries organized, but my mind in complete disarray. Yes, I want to find love. But will going to Paris be the right decision? 

Am I kidding myself about finding love in a café I’ve never been to because of an article I read in a doctor’s office?


More excerpts to come from my upcoming novel HEARTS AND ERRORS! Stay tuned!

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