Upcoming Novel: HEARTS AND ERRORS, Chapter 7


Chapter 7: Roy

“I’m not with anyone right now,” I say, unable to lie. 

“That makes the two of us,” he says. 

We glance at each other, quiet for a while.

“Why does it feel like the past just happened a few hours ago and not years ago?”

“Maybe because this isn’t over. We’re not over,” he says.

“Trust me. We are.”


Releasing 1/19/19

Upcoming Novel: HEARTS AND ERRORS, Chapter 6

Chapter 6: It’s Only Coffee, Right?

Why did I agree to meet him right now, or at all? Does he deserve to see me after what had happened between us? 

Maybe it’s not about him deserving to see me, but more about him owing me an explanation.

Exciting news! I’m revealing the cover for HEARTS AND ERRORS on 12/12/18, so check back soon! Have a great day, everyone!

Upcoming novel releasing 1/19/19

Upcoming Novel: HEARTS AND ERRORS, Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Blast from the Past

I sit up.

What do I do? Do I hang up? Why is he calling? Why is he calling me now? Why is he calling me at all?

“Y-yes?” I reply, doing my best to sound calm while holding my breath. My hands are shaking. I grip the phone harder trying not to drop it.

“It’s Roy,” he says.
Yes, I know who it is.

Upcoming novel releasing 1/19/19


Upcoming Novel: HEARTS AND ERRORS, Chapter 3

CHAPTER 3: A Matchmaker in Paris

“Hello?” she answers.
“Did I wake you?”
“I knew you’d call. I’m in the kitchen eating leftover pizza. Have you ever had cold pizza? It’s not bad,” she says.

“I’m going to Paris,” I blurt.


More excerpts to come from my upcoming novel HEARTS AND ERRORS! Stay tuned!

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Upcoming Novel: HEARTS AND ERRORS, Chapter 2

CHAPTER  2: The Article

“Make a wish,” I mumble to myself, lifting it up and fanning the pages.

A loose leaf falls on my shoes.

I pick it up and notice the creases across the page. I iron it out with my hand, pressing it against my leg. As I do, I find myself drawn to a pull quote that says: I remember having this sudden urge to get lost somewhere, discover something new, or dream something big.  

I hold it closer, my eyes gawking at the words.
The title says:
Merci, Paris


More excerpts to come from my upcoming novel HEARTS AND ERRORS! Stay tuned!

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An Excerpt and a Song

Here is the first excerpt from my upcoming novel, HIGH.

Chad leans back on his chair. “You know, I make good coffee. I have special beans,” he says, nodding and smiling.

“Where do you get these special beans?”

“Can’t tell you,” he says, leaning forward.

“OK.  Well, maybe I’ll get to taste it one day.

“One day, or every day,” he says, with a funny grin.

I smile and shake my head. “I think the caffeine has gotten to you.”

“Take a few more sips. You got to keep up here,” he says playfully.

We continue sipping our coffees, ordering more and chatting for hours. Our table now reminiscent of how mine looked like when we first met, only this time, they’re not all mine—they’re ours.

People filter in and out. Tables and chairs become occupied. A line continues to grow by the counter as Chad and I stay glued to our seats, our stories shared and brewed only between us. Our eyes stay locked at each other, and everything else happening around us remain unimportant and unnoticed. The coffee shop with no name becomes ours temporarily. Ours alone.

Today feels different. If yesterday there were any doubts or fears about each other or anything, today they do not exist. Chad and I are like old friends who are seeing each other for the first time again after years of being apart. We are finishing each other’s sentences and laughing at each other’s jokes. We are picking up exactly where we left off, and yet, we’ve only just met.

“Sonja, is it just me or does the coffee tastes better today?” he asks.

“No, it’s not just you. It does taste better.”

HIGH, a novel by Corey M. P. (page 93)

Flightless Bird by Iron and Wine (song playing as I wrote this post)